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+ Toyota Highlander Hybrid Test Drive
Head to head: Prius and the Escape hybrid match up 
Prius test drive
Escape hybrid test drive



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The Toyota Highlander hybrid

2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

- Kicking Highlander fuel economy up a notch

Updated March 29, 2012

Love SUVs, but think fuel efficient SUVs are some kind of oxymoron?

Well, thankfully, you're wrong.

The Toyota Highlander hybrid isn't just one fo the most fuel efficient SUVs available, it's also one of the best SUVs available, and loaded with options, such a third row seat that can turn the Highlander hybrid into a real people mover.

If you love SUVs and Toyota products, then the Highlander SUV has to be on your next shopping trip.

The Highlander hybrid is a top safety pick in a fuel efficient SUV package. If you're in the market for an SUV, with the memory of $4.00 gasoline still fresh in your head, then you need to check ou the 2012 Toyota Highlander hybrid.

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Hot Topic
Shouldn't all hybrids be plug-in hybrid vehicles?

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The Toyota Highlander Hybrid
The first Toyota hybrid SUV is set to explode. 

Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV
The hype around this hybrid SUV is huge and growing. Get in line now, you might be there a while (more)

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Top 3 Reasons to buy a Hybrid vehicle
Just in case you need more convincing, here are 3 reasons to go hybrid.
Hybrid Cars Could Save America a Trillion Dollars
The costs of foreign oil dependency are just too high.
Bio-Diesel Versus Hybrid Cars
Bio-diesels are great, but bio-diesel hybrid vehicles are even better.
Shopping For a Hybrid?
Should you buy your hybrid car online or from a dealer?

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